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Ceramic Industry Business Network 

Tecna Next is a unique meeting point for ceramic industry professionals from all over the world. A virtual showcase of process and product innovation. It consists of a digital platform to promote awareness of technological excellence and offer insights and explorations of trends and technology.

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How to browse Tecna Next

Visitors can use a search engine to find the company profiles they are interested in and follow their contents. Users can also interact by commenting, taking part in events, sending private messages and joining invitation-only groups.

Companies have their own profile where they can share texts, videos, presentations and live sections and announce important events by creating an interactive company space capable of communicating with clients through groups, chats, meeting, forms and more.


Business Categories

The Tecna Next exhibitor search allows you a quick, targeted and detailed acquisition of information. Here you will find a interactive navigation with simple and advanced search of exhibitors through product groups or trend themes.


Companies List

The consultation of the exhibitor catalogue is free and only need to log in. You can search for companies at the exhibitors’ index.


"Timeless Surfaces" Trend Showcase

Tecna Next turns on the spotlights on Timeless Surfaces: trends for ceramic surfaces that re-invent themselves according to the new possibilities afforded by technology and unexpected combinations with other surfaces.


Tecna Next Stream

The latest news and updates from the users constantly updated.

Media Partners


Open an interactive company profile to share texts, videos, presentations, live sections and events. New business opportunites through groups, chats and forms.

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